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The Corner House and Coastal West Sussex Mind are working together

The long-standing Director of the Corner House mental health resource centre in Southwick left at the end of August.

The Corner House Board of Trustees (who are responsible for running the Corner House service) have decided not to appoint a new director straight away. This is because they want to take the opportunity that has been created by their director leaving to explore with the Board of Coastal West Sussex Mind whether working more closely, and possibly merging, with Coastal West Sussex Mind would deliver better services and support for local people with mental health problems and Corner House service users.

The boards of both organisations have a lot to think about and consider in relation to this and need to take a few months to fully understand whether this would be the right thing to do before any decision is made. Part of looking at this will be asking members and service users what they think about it and we will let you all know how and when this will be happening over the next couple of months.

In the meantime, and as there isn't a Corner House director at the moment, Coastal West Sussex Mind is helping the Corner House staff with some aspects of running the Corner House until a decision on the future of running the Corner House is made.

Sally Lefroy, Chair, Coastal West Sussex Mind


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