Study shows impact of workplace mental health training

Training in mental health first aid

After doing the Mental Health First Aid course 91% said they had greater understanding of mental health in the workplace

Mental Health First Aid training in the workplace, which Coastal West Sussex Mind offers, has been shown to be highly effective, according to the results of the latest MENTOR study.

The study into the impact of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England training in the workplace was commissioned by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and conducted by a team from the University of Nottingham.

It showed MHFA training to be highly effective at increasing knowledge and confidence in understanding and talking about mental health.

The results 
The views of 139 employees from 81 organisations across 20 industries were investigated before and after participating in an MHFA England course:

  • 91 per cent of employees surveyed said there had been an increased understanding of mental health issues in their workplace as a result of the training
  • 88 per cent of employees reported an increase in confidence around mental health issues in their workplace
  • 87 per cent said that more mental health conversations were happening at work as a result of the training
  • 83 per cent noticed an improvement in procedures for signposting to further support.
  • 64 per cent reported the training helped to reduce stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace

Interview research revealed overwhelmingly positive feedback on the impact of MHFA England training, echoing the survey results. Issues faced by MHFAiders in the workplace were also identified in some cases. These included managing the confidentiality of the person accessing support, managing the boundaries of the MHFAider role and measuring the success of MHFA within an organisation. Employee feedback also highlighted an appetite for a refresher course to ensure skills can be regularly updated. 

Coastal West Sussex Mind training manager Charlotte Dawber said: "This research adds to our own collected evidence from local employers that the Mental Health First Aid England training increases knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to support someone experiencing a mental health issue."

We collect feedback after running this course and regularly get positive comments such as: "Fantastic trainer and training... very knowledgable." Another said: "This has given me the confidence to support any of my colleagues."



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